DSM as an R&D and marketing-oriented company is operating in a fast growing, highly competitive and fast changing business environment. Therefore, we must continuously challenge ourselves to find more creative ideas for the development of our business.

This is certainly part of DSM’s innovation driven culture. Part of our innovation activities is to follow global trends in order to identify new, innovative magnesium applications.

DSM’s leading markets are the aluminum (as an alloying element), automotive (magnesium alloys die cast products) and thermal reduction (part of the production process). The main additional explored fields are the energy and medical sectors.

Energy storage as well as fuel alternatives are examples of new fields that magnesium is extremely attractive. DSM is engaged in several initiatives in order to explore the potential opportunities and we welcome any creative and innovative partners in order to enhance our activities in this attractive filed.

Medical magnesium solutions are part of the future pharma vision. From Nano to medical devices, from degradable implants, additive manufacturing to new novel approaches. DSM would appreciate being a member of such future development groups.

As part of our DNA, we welcome you to join us in our efforts to open a new era for magnesium.