External services

The Dead Sea Magnesium Research Division provides Failure Analysis services and solutions for initiating and implementing process improvements, examining structural materials and consulting in the metallurgical field. The combination of existing peripherals and the extensive metallurgical knowledge of laboratory researchers allows the company’s research division to provide services to external entities. The external services are diversified and include:

Laboratory tests:

  • Chemical composition – spectroscopy, ICP and EDS elemental analysis
  • Material Structure – Metallography includes preparation of metallographic specimens
  • Mechanical properties – tensile, creep, fatigue, hardness, quality bending and abrasion tests
  • Measure density using Archimedes method

Corrosion and failure study:

  • Laboratory immersion tests
  • Accelerated corrosion test in salt cell
  • Humidity chamber
  • Exposure test (including preparation of dedicated specimens)
  • Electrochemical testing as a preliminary / supplementary experiment for a laboratory exposure experiment
  • Corrosion surveys in the field for early detection of failure points
  • Conducting cathodic defense research
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Conducting failure investigations and analyzes for polymer structure materials
  • Expertise to write a summary report and recommendations

NDT tests (non-destructive tests):

  • Radiographic tests (stationary)
  • Thermal camera

Quality coatings and color examination:

  • Coating thickness
  • Adhesion
  • Salt cell and humidity cell including etching and exposure tests


  • Optical microscope
  • SEM Scanner Electronic Microscope