DSM’s production is based on the proven technology of electrolytic reduction of Carnallite {MgCI2·KCI·6H2O}, which is found in exceptionally pure form in vast quantities of Dead Sea concentrated brines.
The Carnallite is dried through various processes in order to obtain anhydrous Carnallite in molten form. The anhydrous carnallite is then transferred to electrolysis cells where the raw material is separated into magnesium and chlorine (Cl2). Chlorine gas is evacuated through a collector duct and transferred for further treatment.

Two main byproducts are generated in the electrolysis process:

  • Chlorine gas which is subsequently used in the production of bromine
  • Spent electrolyte enriched in KCI is returned to the Dead Sea Works [DSW] to be used in the production of potash.

Crude Magnesium is then transferred to the casting house for refining, alloying and casting processes.

The final stage includes our Quality Control process which ensures that the product reaching our customers is of the highest quality.