Environmental Protection

DSM’s environmental management fully complies with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international environmental standard.
The system covers all aspects of our operations and is tightly integrated into the quality-control system.
In the past, extensive improvements have been carried out on cleaning equipment, and even though we have come a long way, we still look for new ways to improve environmental factors, to set new goals and achieve them.

Air emissions

When producing magnesium emission of various chemicals is the main concern and procedures to protect the environment aim to prevent chlorine gas, HCl and dust from entering the atmosphere. Measures are used either to confine these materials within the production cycle and recycle them or neutralize them.
Regular stack measurements show full compliance with an environmental permit based on German TA luft standards.
On-line monitoring within the vicinity of the plant show concentrations far below any environmental impact.
A remarkable progress has been achieved towards eliminating emissions of SF6, a potent greenhouse gas, by identifying, evaluating, and implementing cost-effective technologies including alternative cover gases.

Solid waste management

The disposal of waste has been reduced considerably through a systematic efforts of process improvements and recycling. A license allows for the disposal in a landfill of certain waste materials that cannot be recycled or reused, e.g., old lining and sludges.

Waste water management

Most of waste water effluents are of the same composition as of the Dead Sea water. The effluents from the scrubbers are cleaned before being released back to the solar ponds. The limit of oil is 1 mg/l which is at least by a magnitude lower than most of known marine standards.

Environmental Contact Person:

Dudy Bahar – Environmental Manager

Tel: +972-8-9978377

Mobile: +972-52-4709116

E-Mail: [email protected]