Safety and production process

The achievement of environmental friendliness starts with our unbeatable location and production cycle. DSM is situated in a production complex on the Dead Sea, uses materials that are already naturally produced by the environment and returns all of its byproducts for use at companies within the complex, Dead Sea
Bromine {DSB} and Dead Sea Works (DSW}.

Magnesium production from the Dead Sea benefits from the environmentally friendly extraction of the raw material Carnallite by use of solar energy.

  • The chlorine by-product is used by DSB as a raw material in their production of bromine.
  • The spent electrolyte enriched in KCI is returned to DSW for their production of potash.
  • The use of raw material is reduced by recycling sludge from the process of chlorination and electrolysis.
  • The emission of particles and halogens controlled below authority’s environmental standards is reduced by state-of-the art gas scrubbing technology.
  • Replacement of SF6 by HFC-134a in order to minimize the carbon foot print. The company is still searching for attractive gas alternatives with lower GWP.
  • Switch from low quality fuel oil to natural gas at Fluidized Bed Furnace operating system

DSM facilities were designed, built and operate with environmental responsibility in mind. Through multi-million dollar investments in quality control, emission, waste management and education, the plant is continuously improving its performance in all aspects of environmental control.