Environment & Sustainability

DSM operates with a clear commitment for full environmental compliance and to be in the top tier in safety performance and environmental responsibility. DSM is committed to being a skilled, responsible company that strives to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

As a chemical and metallurgical plant, DSM is aware of the potential impact of its operations and products. DSM continues to invest in environmental protection, pollution prevention, impact reduction, increasing efficiency of production facilities and enhancing environmental procedures and measures.

One of the main environmental issues related to DSM’s activity is air emissions. DSM has been in the process of reducing its emissions, striving for continuous improvement. This issue has emphasized in recent years in Israel, where ICL sites l are obligated to adhere to new regulations, with emphasis on the Israeli Clean Air Law. The needed significant investments have already produced results in reductions, which are expected to continue in upcoming years.

DSM applies an overall policy of corporate responsibility and sustainability that integrates social, economic and environmental considerations into all of its business activities. This policy includes responsible management and continuous improvement in all sustainability aspects: reducing environmental impacts; health and safety; product stewardship throughout the entire product lifecycle; responsible use of natural and land resources; advanced mine reclamation and transparency.

DSM invests extensive resources in training and mentoring, as well as other safety measures, in order to continually improve occupational safety and health, environmental management and prevent accidents.