HPDC Alloys

DSM-1 is a High-performance HPDC creep-resistant alloy capable of prolonged high-stress operation at temperatures of up to 200°C. Of all the HDPC magnesium alloys, this alloy exhibits the lowest susceptibility to hot cracking. Furthermore, DSM-1 features an excellent combination of strength, ductility and high thermal conductivity.

MRI 153M is a beryllium-free, low cost creep-resistant alloy able to perform over the long term at temperatures up to 150°C under high loads. This alloy exhibits die Castability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at room temperature, which are similar to or better than those of the AZ91D alloy. The alloy’s creep resistance is substantially superior to that of commercial alloys, at 130-150°C under stresses of 50-80MPa. This makes the alloy a superior alternative for applications such as oil pans, gearbox housings, valve covers, etc.

MRI 230D is a die cast alloy that was developed to address the powertrain applications of the automotive industry such as engine blocks operating at temperatures of up to 190°C. The alloy has excellent creep resistance combined with good Castability, high strength and superior corrosion resistance. Automatic transmission housings, converting stators and bed plates are examples of components that can benefit from the properties of MRI 230D.

MRI 202D -The strongest and the most creep resistant HPDC Mg alloy. The best combination of strength and ductility of all HPDC magnesium alloys. Excellent flammability resistance. Joining, machining and finishing as with AZ91D. Applications up to 250°C under stresses of 50-100 MPa.